Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Could it be? Yes, more bread.

Yesterday we finished our Vienna Bread.  I worked with CL again on this project.  She and I seem to work well with on another.  It is almost to the point we don't really need to say much to one another, we just seem to know what the other will be getting, ingredients wise, or will be doing.

Also yesterday, we started our Focaccia  bread.  We did this one in a group of 4.  My group was Carolyn, Camea and Ashley.  We divided the Focaccia into quarters and added what ingredients we wanted on our section.  I added caramelized onions, Parmesan cheese and some basil.  I would have added more ingredients, but there were not that many left by the time my group was ready for that step.  Next time I make focaccia bread, I will be sure to add more.  The focaccia was still very tasty with what I had to work with.  Randy and I devoured it when I got home.  It was delish!

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