Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bread, Bread and more (you guessed it) Bread

Made dough for Hard Rolls (will bake tomorrow).  We worked in pairs, I worked with C.L., it was fun.  Chef A said we "loved" our dough a little too much, but gave us some tips on how to correct the issue.  I am looking forward to making Pullman (White Pan) Bread or White Pan Bread (sandwich bread).  Chef A said after tomorrow the pace of the class will be picking up and we will be making 3 different types of bread everyday.  That's a lot of bread!  I know Randy is excited and so is everyone where he works.  I am still recruiting taste testers, goodness knows I will need help eating all of it.
I am having a wonderful time in class and at school.  Other than bread, I am excited about designing a bakery kitchen.  We are to design a 1500 sq ft kitchen for my Food Safety class.  Will post more about that later.  :)

Here is a picture of me in my, oh so flattering, Chef's uniform.

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